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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Rai- Dhoom 3

Hey there ! I saw Dhoom:3 this weekend. The movie was released in both normal and IMAX formats. I am very excited to share my views about the movie . I loved the movie . The movie was amazing and incredibly gripping!! I have always loved the Dhoom franchise and this time with D:3 just got a lot bigger .
Reason why I loved this movie are -
-Aamir Khan's portrayal of an antagonist after a long time probably second time
- Stunning Photography and Incredible Action.
- Awesome Songs, Bollywood's shot at IMAX and Dolby Atimos .
-etc etc

The movie marks the events of Chicago in the 1990 and flashes back to present day Chicago. A very angry Sahir with a body that looks to be chizzled out of marble wakes up . The first robbery takes place, sahir fools the police easily with an awesome chase sequence.
Meanwhile leaves a message for the police *IN HINDI* BANK WAALO TUMARI , AISII KII TAISII (BANK GUYS , THE HECK WITH YOU !! ) . Jai and Ali are invited to join.the case and the ultimate battle of police and robber begins actually I must say police-thief-bank begins .
What I also like about the movie that its high on the emotional side along with the awesome use of the IMAX technology . The director has caught the city of Chicago,Mumbai and Zurich beautifully. Kudos Mr Vijay Krishna Acharya . A job well done . I liked TASHAN too .
The powerful performances action sequences, high pitched drama, exotic locations and much more in.stored for all the Dhoom Franchise Fan Boys ! And even more . I strongly recommend that you do watch it and the twist in the movie is a bit of let down but never mind its christmas and lil mistakes can be forgetten. I loved D:3 . Please share your views in the comments .


  1. Great Anand, thanks for the review..

  2. Thank you, stay tuned more updates and reviews coming through