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Friday, December 27, 2013

Should Jack Reacher deserve a sequel ?

The Tom Cruise starrer action-thriller 'Jack Reacher' came out in the month of December , somewhere around this time only. I am writing this today remember this great film which was under rated of its total value .
Personally I loved this movie . The portrayal of Reacher by Cruise was fantastic although Reacher is a person with a large body structure that can be intimidating to any man. The movie was based upon the novel series of Jack Reacher installment called "One Shot" where a homicide takes place in a small town .
I believe that the movie deserves a sequel because -
- when I watched the film,it actually made me feel to relive the experience of the book
- stunning action sequences

- sense of humour even though this should have been a serious movie

- gripping plot

The fault people found were mainly two Reacher's portrayal by Cruise ( size problems ) and a blast scene that was shown in the trailer but excluded in the movie . I believe tom's portrayal of Jack is justified as the way he portrayed Reacher was completely believable . It was as if he completely knew whom and what he was portraying and quite it did made me feel that Reacher could have reacted to the situations like that only . He coincided with my mental image of Reacher . It was totally symmetrical for me except the physique . But author Lee Child justified that Reacher's size in the book is metaphor for an unstoppable force which Cruise displays in his own way .
The other problem people have was the blast scene about which I was surprised too.. I wanted to see the scene the scene too. A man from had sued Paramount for this and they had to pay him back.
But the film was terrific and had its fair share of humour too with little bit of every about the lonely drifter Jack Reacher .

I give the movie a rating of : 4 stars

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Rai- Dhoom 3

Hey there ! I saw Dhoom:3 this weekend. The movie was released in both normal and IMAX formats. I am very excited to share my views about the movie . I loved the movie . The movie was amazing and incredibly gripping!! I have always loved the Dhoom franchise and this time with D:3 just got a lot bigger .
Reason why I loved this movie are -
-Aamir Khan's portrayal of an antagonist after a long time probably second time
- Stunning Photography and Incredible Action.
- Awesome Songs, Bollywood's shot at IMAX and Dolby Atimos .
-etc etc

The movie marks the events of Chicago in the 1990 and flashes back to present day Chicago. A very angry Sahir with a body that looks to be chizzled out of marble wakes up . The first robbery takes place, sahir fools the police easily with an awesome chase sequence.
Meanwhile leaves a message for the police *IN HINDI* BANK WAALO TUMARI , AISII KII TAISII (BANK GUYS , THE HECK WITH YOU !! ) . Jai and Ali are invited to join.the case and the ultimate battle of police and robber begins actually I must say police-thief-bank begins .
What I also like about the movie that its high on the emotional side along with the awesome use of the IMAX technology . The director has caught the city of Chicago,Mumbai and Zurich beautifully. Kudos Mr Vijay Krishna Acharya . A job well done . I liked TASHAN too .
The powerful performances action sequences, high pitched drama, exotic locations and much more in.stored for all the Dhoom Franchise Fan Boys ! And even more . I strongly recommend that you do watch it and the twist in the movie is a bit of let down but never mind its christmas and lil mistakes can be forgetten. I loved D:3 . Please share your views in the comments .

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Amazing Spider Man 2 !

By now I think half the world has the amazing spiderman 2 trailer. The story of our new Peter Parker resumes as he tackles between the two lives . The plot looks interesting although "over the top" use of special effects has been seriously putting people off !! I have been fan of the spider man series since its inception and have always appreciated the use of special effects in them( Not spider man 3 . Seriously!?) . I did see the first and liked the effects but this trailer reminds me off "KRRISH3" .
The plot and the power packed cast of Andrew Garfield,Emma Stone,Jamie Foxx and a few others are somethings that are making me anticipate this flick . Please comment below your views !a

Saw Dhoom3 , Apology for late reply

I just wanted to apologize for my late post . I have been kinda busy lately . My bad but stay tuned for a fresh review of Dhoom 3 by the evening